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If your refrigerator and freezer is not cold, refrigerator cools too or its does not work, Appliance Repair Clinics can solve all the problems that you have to your refrigerator or any types of your home appliance. We work for fridges, freezers and refrigerators of major brands of the market, with an extensive warranty. Our company provides repairs and technical services at reasonable price. We are appliance expert with expertise earned through years of experience as an appliance repair services.

We are experts in refrigeration technicians, Fridge repair service, washing machine repair service, and Freezer Repair in Rockville. We have a team of technical experts in mechanics and repair of electronic parts for all brands of refrigerators, always ready to serve our customers holistically and with great humanitarian sense, satisfying their needs with professional service.

We know how important it is to your refrigerator or other appliance of your home, why we have everything necessary to solve the breakdown in the shortest possible time. Our repair service provides machinery solution to the main cause of failures. We repair almost all electric instruments and appliances as well as disposal, dishwasher, microwave; generators steam ovens, stove and Cooktop Repair in Fairfax.

Our customer service is immediate, we move to any part of the province at the same day notice and in most cases, depending on the fault and the availability of spare parts, breakdowns on the same day are solved, guaranteeing repair in the worst case in 24 hours. For more info, please visit our website