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Female adult Siberian mammoth found in Novosibirsk Islands, in cold the cold seas in northeast Russia, there was tissue still in the carcass of the mammoth, there was some blood coming out of it. In May 2013 the way they found the mammoth was because the large tusks were sticking out of the ground they left the mammoth like that for a little wile, but underneath there was almost a full mammoth three legs, most of its body and part of the head with the tusks still a part of the head. With how much research the scientists did they figured out that it was a female in its early-50s. The way she died was not a good death (it sucked), she also had eight calves, they got stuck in a peat bog (a place where dead plant materials go) they got eaten alive by wolves. this females name was buttercup because the peat bog was a place the ate dandelion and buttercup. The scientists wanted to make a clone of buttercup because they had enough DNA to make clone.

Religious believes

I'm not sure if all Catholics believe this but my family and i believe, that animals were made first because in in the first chapters of the Genesis it talked about how the Earth, was made and the beginning of man kind but way before man kind the bible talked about how, the animals managed to survive and ,what was going on at the time after that it started getting in to how god was thinking about adding people, to this earth and that's when man kind started to come about. In my opinion i think that animals were created before man kind.

Effect on it Environment

The effect that the Mammoths had on its environment when they were alive was that they would help the Herbivores, because when the Mammoths would knock down the trees they didn't eat any of the leafs on the trees, they left them there and all the Herbivores would go and eat the leafs from the trees. The Mammoths also helped other animals, when they would knock down trees they ,made it an easier way to get to something or get away from something. Mammoths made waste to fertilize the soil and some of the waste that they produce is food or a nest for some animals such as flies and others but mainly flies. The effects that the Mammoths had on it environment when it died was that when there bones and skin decompose to make soil.