By Brooke McGowan

What not to do on the internet?

  • Do not write in ALL CAPS when your writing an e-mail, blogs, newsgroups, or chat rooms.
  • Do not write in long paragraphs. Write short messages. People have iPhones know so they don't want to be reading a long e-mail.
  • When your writing an e-mail use the write spelling and grammar. Don't write in texting wise. Don't write ur, wat, btw, g2g, brb, nite, r, hbu.


  • Nobody wants to what you are doing every second or every day.
  • Nobody wants to see pictures of your dog or your cat.
  • You shouldn't really share a lot of things because nobody cares.
  • Do not add anybody as a friend that you don't know.

What do to and what not to do when your writing an email?

  • keep your emails brief and to the point.
  • Don't send chain letters, virus warnings, or junk mail.
  • Use a signature that includes contact information.