Johnny Appleseed

American Folklore Hero

How It Started.

Johnny Chapman also known as Johnny Appleseed was an American folklore hero. Johnny has many fictional stories about him but they only change them for children can understand. The real story of Johnny Appleseed might be very surprising. He had a museum built for him named Johnny Appleseed Museum in Ohio.
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The Legend

In the story of Johnny Appleseed, he wore a pot as a hat, he was barefoot, with a big bag of apples. He became a legend due to his “kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apple's.” Most of his apples were planted in parts of Ohio. This is his most popular folklore story.

The real story

Johnny Appleseed was based on a real man. While his legend imagines him as a messy person, Johnny was in fact much more business type of person. Instead of just handing out seed he decided to make business. But instead he made business by making hard cider and Applejack.


In honor of Johnny they made a museum. The museum is located Urbana, Ohio. There is also a Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center located between Lucas, Ohio and Mifflin, Ohio. He was also Missionary for The New Church “(Swedenborgian).”


Johnny Appleseed has inspired lots of people by his story. He was based on a real man who liked to do business. By his inspiration they decided to make a museum just about him. Johnny was an American Folklore hero.