Wind Energy

What is wind energy?

Wind can be used as a reliable, clean source of renewable energy. Wind energy has been used by people for thousands of years. Today, wind energy is mainly used to generate electricity using wind turbines.

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How does wind energy work?

When the generator rotates it converts wind energy into electricity. The transformer increases the voltage for transmission to substation. Then substation increases voltage flr transmission over long distances. The the transmission goes to the grid.

How does wind energy affect the environment?

As many wind turbines are in rural locations, they may have a small effect on animal life. Access roads for servicing would have to be built. There has also been some talk of birds striking the blades of a turbine. The only other problem with wind turbines is people. Some people complain that they are an eye sore, or produce low frequency noise, which results in headaches.

Here Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Wind Energy!

Some advantages are:

1. It takes up small plots of land.

2. It is renewable

3. It comes in different sizes

Some disadvantages are:

1. They are harmful to animals that fly.

2. They are noisy.

3. When they are manufactured they produce a little pollution.