Media is uncontrolable

The Truth is revealed

Media Literacy

Media is controlled by “the man” to influence the people it governs. Through news, social media, and regular TV shows subliminal messages are shown to the public. Since media is often one-sided the truth is never known unless experienced first-hand. Media literacy is being able take in news from various sources and realize that it’s all biased one way or another, so that you can make an accurate assumption on what really happened. In this oppressive society it is hard to really know, but staying up to date through media is the best way to stay media literate. Social media is often the most widely used form, and although it might not be the most factual, it often gives the best understanding on how “the people” feel which is often the most important. The media is constantly evolving in today’s world, but is generally any form of expression from the general public or governments about current issues. Media includes any and every form of expression that is meant to be shared: radio broadcast, nation and local news, even music and television.

What is Dystopia

an imagined place or world where everyrthing is bad and corrupt

Dystopia novels are so popular and will continue to be because it allows people to express their dislike of the government by exaggerating the control of the government. Most dystopian societies tend not to be to far fetched so that the possibility of a government taking that amount of control over its people is possible. People also enjoy the violence and backwardness of these stories.
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A Puppy's Love

Budweiser aired the commercial, "a Puppy's Love" in (2014) on the Superbowl implying that Budweiser represents true friendship. Budweiser uses a puppy and horse which typically appeals to peoples emotions of love and friendship and in the commercial the two become friends. Budweiser purposes was to quickly and effectively draw a connection between their product and happy emotions in order to persuade more consumers in purchasing their product. The intended audience was basically anyone in America or that enjoyed football since it was aired on the Superbowl, but the light-hearted tone appeals to a younger generation not even of age to drink.

Social Media

Social Media and technology in general has caused people to continually become less and less social to an unhealthy degree in which many teens can not have a full conversation. Human interaction now happens predominately online instead of face to face contact even with the ones we love its hard to disconnect from our phones to communicate with them in person. Sadly it will only get worse as newer technology is invented and there will always be people to accept it as the better way, but you do not have to. I hardly use social media; the only one I am constantly on is Snapchat. However whenever I am around others I try to stay away from my phone and enjoy the life in front of me. The most important moments in life cannot be lived or enjoyed through your phone; you must go out at live them. It does not matter how many followers or likes you get because no one cares. The only reason someone follows you is in hope you will follow them back in order to achieve a fake sense of love or worth. I see so many people in the world missing out on opportunities because they're trying to take pictures and post what they are doing rather than enjoy it themselves. I lived on a sailboat in which I spent every moment to the fullest by kayaking, swimming, tubing, camping, and everything in between. However when I had friends come join me, I'd often see them unable to disconnect from social media and enjoy the beauty of life. I would simply sit outside day and night and listen to music while starring at the lake and stars and very rarely took pictures to post, but sometimes I just had to show others what they were missing. I also make an effort not to use my phone at all when with my girlfriend because as you saw in the video when the two where on a date they seemed very disconnected. The constant increase in the use of social media will lead to a continual decrease in true human interaction which can and will lead to higher depression rates, more failed relationships, and the decline of human emotions. There is no reversing the process; technology has become a necessary evil in our lives that controls almost every aspect of it.


My ideas or thoughts on media have not changed at all. I still see it as an almost completely destructive habit that cannot be reversed, but it will always be an irreversible necessary evil. There will always be someone controlling parts of the media in which they use it to control you or get you to believe to false realities or ideas, but you have to stay true to yourself and sort through the lies. Our government will never admit it be they sensor many things in media and produce things in order to gain our support. There is nothing wrong with this until it reaches the point you no longer have your own ideas and you are blindly following the others. In this class we were able to express ourselves more freely which allowed us to learn something very important: media is powerful but also corrupt and we have to make our own decisions in what we chose to believe and follow. All other language arts classes follow a very specific curriculum in which they try to teach us things that are quickly becoming obsolete. By our senior year in high school we are all literate, fully capable of reading and writing in a variety of topics. However, the class seemed unorganized as most of the topics did not seem to correlate. The wide range of activities (videos, news, articles, poetry, and novel) though were beneficial by keeping the class intersting.