Cri-du-Chat (Cat's Cry Syndrome)

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What is This Disease? What Causes It?

Cri-du-Chat, more commonly known as Cat’s Cry Syndrome or 5p- Syndrome, is a disease that manifests in babies. The source of the disorder is a missing section of chromosome 5 from the infant’s chromosomal patterns. A break takes place while an egg or sperm cell is developing, and the fertilized gamete then affects the individual. This chromosomal deletion causes many defects in children from a young age.

Outlook: Living with Cri-du-Chat

What It's Like to Live With Cat's Cry Syndrome

The disorder doesn't go away, and treatment and assistance will always be needed throughout the lives of those affected by it, but they can still live and do many normal things. Again, it depends on how severe the disorder is in the individual, but with copious amounts of training can learn to care for themselves under supervision. Development will be hindered, but those with Cri-du-Chat can grow up living near normal lives for people with a chromosomal disorder.
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Possible Cures?

  • While research has been taking place on the subject of a possible cure of Cri-du-Cat for years now, nothing has been discovered other than what causes the disorder (the gene locations on the larynx and the separate bands on the 5th chromosome). There is only easing of the symptoms of someone with this disorder, and no cure in the foreseeable future.
  • Research also states that the disorder can not be prevented and is not the fault of the parents who have the child.

Living with Cri-du-Chat Video:

Living with Cri du Chat | Ireland AM

Having Children

Sadly, it is not very safe for someone with this disorder to have children. Although biologically possible, many people affected can only focus on caring for themselves and don't have it in them to support a sentient life form as well. It is not likely health defects would be passed down to their children if they were to have one, as people with the mildest stages of Cri-du-Chat have had. If the disorder is at a more serious stage, it's not safe for an affected individual to have children.

Quick Facts

  1. 80% of the time, the deletion causing Cri-du-Chat comes from the male sperm.
  2. The disorder was officially discovered in 1963 by a geneticist called Jerome Lejeune.
  3. This is one of the most common disorders dealing with chromosomal defects.
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