Hawkins Elementary Newsletter

May 13, 2016

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About Us

Start Time: 8:47

End Time: 3:50

Tardy Time: 8:50

Fax Number: 810-299-3910

Lunch Schedule

  • Kindergarten 11:15 - 12:00
  • 1st Grade 11:45 - 12:30
  • 2nd Grade 12:15 - 1:00
  • 4th Grade 12:45 - 1:30
  • 3th Grade 1:15 - 2:00

From the Principal

Dear Hawkins Families:

As the weather is getting warmer, I would like to remind all of you our process during drop off and pick up to ensure a safe environment for all of our students. Drop-off begins at 8:35am and we ask that you pull up all the way past the flagpole when dropping off. Your child must exit your car on the passenger's side. Please don't drop students off around the bend if there are no cars in front of you. This creates a log jam of cars on Rickett Road and we have had many complaints recently about the traffic that occurs during this time in the morning. If you are picking up your child in the afternoon, please remember to have your numbers with you. Our doors are opened at 3:45pm and we do check all of your numbers. Once you exit the building with your child through the cafeteria doors, please use caution when crossing the road to get to your vehicle. Many parents have spoken to me this past week about how their child almost got hit as they were crossing the road. Please use caution as our children are still very young (and small). We really appreciate your help!

MStep testing begun this week for our 4th graders and we have had a successful experience thus far. Please make every effort to have your child attend school next week. Thank you for making sure your child is in school on time and well rested. This ensures a more positive experience for our students.

Have a great weekend!

Basia Kiehler

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Mark Your Calendar

5/13 - Spring Carnival 6-9 p.m.
5/20 - Popcorn Friday
5/30 - No School - Memorial Day
6/7 - 4th Grade Visits Maltby
6/10 - 4th Grade Farewell
6/14 - Field Day
6/15 - Last Day of School - 1/2 day

News From The District Nurse


*If your child has medication at school, please pick it up before the end of the year. Any unclaimed medications will be properly disposed of.

For the 2016/2017 school year:

If your child has a medical condition that requires medication administration during school hours (on a daily basis or on an as needed basis), you must complete a medication authorization form (available on website under "health and communicable disease"). The form must be signed by both a parent and a doctor, even for over the counter medication.

If your child has a FOOD ALLERGY that may require epinephrine administration in an emergency situation, we must have a food allergy emergency plan (template available on website under "health and communicable disease") on file that is signed by a parent and a doctor. You also must provide an EpiPen/Auvi-Q to have in the office in case of an emergency.

If your child has a history of SEIZURES, we must have an emergency plan (template available on website under "health and communicable disease") on file signed by a parent and a doctor.

If your child has DIABETES, we must have a Diabetic Medical Management Plan on file that is signed by a parent and a doctor, as well as a Glucagon kit in the main office. It is also recommended that you send extra snacks and juice to be kept in the office for hypoglycemic episodes.

If your child has ASTHMA, we must have an inhaler on hand at school. The medication authorization form must be completed and signed by a parent and a doctor. Your child may carry their inhaler on his/her person if the doctor indicates so on the medication authorization form. An asthma action plan template is available online under "health and communicable disease".

All medication must be given to the school in its original bottle/container with the medication name, dosage, frequency, route of administration and your child's name on it. Please check expiration dates on medications before turning them in to the office.

A new medication authorization form and/or emergency plan is required yearly.

There are trained staff members in all schools on EpiPen/Auvi-Q, Diastat, Glucagon and inhaler administration

Please discuss your child's immunization status with his/her Physician and ensure your child is up to date for the upcoming school year. If you have an IMMUNIZATION WAIVER, the original copy with the green stamp on it must be turned in to your child's school. If your child is going into Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 7th grade or if your child is new to the district, you must obtain a new waiver. Call 517-546-9850 to schedule an appointment with the Livingston County Health Department.

All new incoming Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarteners, must have their vision screened prior to starting school.

Wendy Plave, RN, BSN

BAS District Nurse


office: 810-299-4149 cell: 517-404-5159 fax: 810-299-4111

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Kindergarten Music Program

Our Kindergarten students have been working very hard in music this year. The children and would like to invite all kindergarten parents to our Hawkins Kindergarten Music Program. This is a very important time for your child. You will not want to miss a moment! If you are unable to attend, please send grandparents, a caregiver, or a friend to take your place for this special day.

Kindergarten students should wear school clothes with sneakers as they will be moving, singing, and playing instruments. PLEASE NO BOOTS, SANDALS, OR SUNDAY DRESS SHOES. When you arrive, please come to the new music room.

Monday, May 16th

1:00 p.m. Mrs. Sinz

Tuesday, May 17th
1:00 p.m. Mrs. Wheeler
2:30 p.m. Mrs. Tamblyn

Wednesday, May 18th
1:00 p.m. Mrs. Schober
2:30 p.m. Mrs. Grabowski

Spring Mileage Club

Welcome back! It’s Mileage Club time again. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Mileage Club is a school-wide motivational program that encourages students to walk/run for fun. It will be starting at lunch recess on Tuesday May 10th for 4 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday until June 2nd. The children will walk ¼ mile laps during lunch recess and parent volunteers will punch cards, hand out toe tokens and generally encourage the children to keep going. This is a wonderful way for students to stay motivated to stay physically fit.

Note: After careful consideration with the Kindergarten teachers, we are not planning to offer mileage club at the Kindergarten lunch recess for the fall session, but will revisit this decision in the spring.

When a child completes 1 mile (4 laps), he/she receives a “toe token” (colorful, plastic little feet.) We give the first token with a 6” chain to collect tokens on. Your child should use this chain for both fall and spring mileage clubs, so please remind your children not to lose it. Upon completion of the first card (20 laps) they receive a glow-in-the-dark token. When they complete their second card (a total of 10 miles), they earn a special plastic medal. If they complete a third card (15 miles), they are awarded a large toe token. Those very motivated students who complete a fourth card (20 miles) receive a water bottle. And those extremely motivated students who complete a fifth card (25 miles) receive a pizza lunch.

If you would like to volunteer to assist (this is about as easy and fun as volunteering gets!!!), you can email Meghan Elliott at meghanelliott@live.com or call 810-241-5691. Younger siblings are most definitely welcome to accompany you. On your day to volunteer, simply sign in at the office and join us on the playground outside the second grade doors.

Please encourage your first through fourth grader to participate in this fun and beneficial activity. If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Elliott (810-241-5691 or meghanelliott@live.com ).

Thank you!!

PTO News

Our Spring Family Carnival is coming up on Friday, May 13 from 6-9 p.m.! We'll have games, inflatables, a cake walk, a spirit stick garage sale, silent auction, basket raffle, food and much more! The cost is $5 for students. Parents and kids under 4 are free. You will receive a wristband, which will give you unlimited access to the games and inflatables. At the end of the night, you can turn in your wristband for a goodie bag. There will be pizza and water available for purchase in the cafeteria. Maui Wowi Smoothies will also be available for purchase. Pre-order forms for wristbands and the basket raffle will be sent home this week.

This night also takes the help of many volunteers. Please see the link below and consider signing up to run a game. It is very easy, a lot of fun, and you do not have to work the entire night! We are asking for one-hour shifts. Older siblings can also sign up to run games.


Our final PTO Meeting of the school year will be held on Thursday, May 12 at 9 a.m. in the cafeteria. We'll be recapping our goals and achievements from this year as well as discussing our goals and improvements for next year and talking about Field Day and the last day of school! The agenda will be posted soon. All are welcome to attend!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Field Day on Tuesday, June 14! More information to come!

The 4th Grade Farewell Party will take place on Friday, June 10. We'll be swimming at the Brighton High School pool in the morning and coming back to Hawkins for lunch, dancing, a kickball tournament and other fun activities as the class prepares to bid farewell to Hawkins. All 4th Grade parents are welcome to attend this day. A flyer with more information will be sent home soon.

Brighton Athletic Summer Camps

Brighton Athletics will once again be offering a broad array of summer camps for kids of all ages. Bulldog camp information and registrations materials are available in schools, athletic department and electronically at: http://www.godogs.org/

Lost and Found

Hawkins Lost and Found is overflowing with winter items and will be cleared out to make room for spring items. Come on in and claim what's yours!

"Portraits of Mom" at Cooper & Binkley

Announcing the 21st Annual "Portraits of Mom" by the First Grade Classes of Hawkins Elementary School. Portraits will be on display at Cooper & Binkley from April 23rd - May 14th. There will also be a Gallery Gala on Tuesday, April 26th from 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Attendance Reminders

Please continue to call the attendance line (810) 299-3904 if your child will be absent or coming in late. Remember to sign them in or sign them out when they are coming in late or leaving early. If you are picking up your child early or there is an end of day change of plans, please send in a note in with your child to give to their teacher. If you have any questions, please give Judy Samanich a call in the main office at (810) 299-3904 or samanij@brightonk12.com.

In addition, as stated in the Brighton Area Schools Elementary Handbook, if a child is absent 15% of the marking period, a letter from the Principal addressing the absence issue may be sent to the parents. If the child continues to be absent from school, a Truancy Officer will contact the home to investigate the situation. For optimal learning, it is important for your child to be in the classroom when school begins. We consider three (3) tardies to be equivalent to one (1) absence. We do not do not count the students tardy if they ride the bus and buses arrive late.

News From the Nurse

Head Lice Reminder - Make it a habit to check your child's head/hair weekly for signs of head lice. Nits (eggs) are more easily found than live adult lice. The nits are firmly glued to the hair shaft and must be pulled off with fingernails. The color of the nits varies. Old empty nit casings appear white and are usually half inch and further from the scalp. Darker nits close to the scalp are viable. Look behind the ears, at the temples and the nape of the neck. A live louse is the shape and size of a sesame seed. They are light brown, move quickly and are often hard to see. Although direct head-to-head contact is the most common mode of transmission, try putting your child's coat, hat and backpack in the dryer every day for 20 minutes.

Important Information for Parents calling in sick children: The Livingston County Health Department relies on the public schools to accurately report trends in illness in our county. All schools submit a weekly Communicable Disease Report to the health department. We report "numbers" of students with:

• apparent flu: fever, body aches, sore throat, generalized aching in the back or limbs

-• viral gastroenteritis: diarrhea /vomiting without respiratory symptoms

•- strep throat

- asthma

•- head lice

•- pink eye

Please keep your child home if they are running a fever over 100.3 degrees, vomiting or have diarrhea, are non-stop coughing, untreated head lice or have red draining eyes. If you have a child with symptoms that appear to be potentially contagious (i.e. rash/lesions), but a medical professional has deemed it safe for your child to return to school, please send in a doctor's note to the main office to prevent any concern. When leaving a message on the attendance line at school, please give us specific information that will help us to give meaningful information to the health department. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

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