The iPhone 6u

The Phone 4u

The Latest, Innovative Phone.

The iPhone 6u's new age design and advanced features will surely leave all of your friends amazed. Watch them gape as you reveal just some of the secrets of the phone made specifically for you.
Our team has worked hard to produce the best phone yet. And for the first time in company history, we've distributed the iPhone 6u five months before its release date.

With it's slender design and futuristic features, everyone will be envious.

iPhone Air Concept 2014

You’ll never see another phone like this. No more hacks from friends and if your phone ever gets stolen you can easily find it with the new age tracking system installed in your phone.

It’s visionary design and cutting edge characteristics have completely changed the image of phones worldwide. We have completely redesigned the iPhone and improved it in every way possible. You won’t even recognize it! We figured why update old features when we can just redesign the whole phone, after all, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t worry! We’ve kept all your favourite details.

Are you ready to be introduced to a whole new world of luxury like you have never known? We have crossed lines never crossed before. The slim design made specifically for your comfort and easy access to all your favourite apps.
The iPhone 6u is the most loved, longed-for and legendary phone to ever be released, and you can have it all to yourself. Who doesn’t love being up-to-date?

Technology like this has never, ever, been seen before. The shape and design of the phone is specifically made to fit to your hand and your needs. The iPhone 6u features a 4.5-inch anti-glare display with ultra-thin edges. The slim size for easy storage, the sleek form for better comfort, and the graceful silhouette just for your eyes all contribute why this is the best phone yet. The demand has never been higher.
And now you can also customize the phone to suit you! With a whole new range of vivid colours and dynamic designs, your iPhone will completely reflect you.

Introducing iPhone 6 ( Trailer )

Apart from structuring the iPhone 6u for your benefit, we have also enhanced every technical feature possible. The phone picture quality will be so HD that it’ll make real life look fake! Colours have never been more vibrant and pixels have never been smaller.

We have taken every piece of the iPhone and completely reconstructed it, using your advice to model it into what you want. There is now easier access and better capability to every app and the storage space has been increased by 10. Every other phone company needs to step up their game.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6u includes an immense 20 megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and stabilizer. The revolutionary handset also comes with an SD card slot with straightforward access.
Critiques all over the world are calling it 'unsurpassable' and 'incomparable' to any other phone. Ewan Spence, one of the most favoured critiques, is calling it "the best all-round smartphone on the market."

Here at Apple Inc. we have gone above and beyond to prove that we can make to impossible possible and completely change the face of phones everywhere, forever.

Additionally, for the first time in phone history, we’ve produced a phone which is completely waterproof and enhanced the materials and structure of the phone, making it next to unbreakable. No more worrying about dropping your phone or work accidents ever again. The iPhone 6u has a dependable, guaranteed and unfailing modern design. What’s your excuse for not buying it yet?

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6u. Welcome to the future.