Striking Meteors

whats the impact on Earth?


1) In Russia, Chelyabinsk meteorite passed through Russia in Feb,15 2013 so far one of the largest ones.

2) Northern Sudan 47 meteors were found in 2008.

3) Peru visible fireball meteorite in 2007.

4) New York was hit by a meteorite in 1992.

5) Gerogia hit a mailbox in 1984.

6) Jilin, China was hit by one of the largest stony meteorite showers in 1976

The effects of meteors

When a meteor breaks through the Earths atmosphere there usually is damage. Based on the size of the meteor like the meteor that hit Russia. It injured 1,500 people and damaged 7,200 across the region it passed through.

How was the crust changed and what is the ''ejecta''?

When a meteor hits the crust it creates a crater & Ejecta is used to describe the material that is ejected really quickly such a meteor or volcano.

The sizes of a meteor that make it to Earth in the past 100 years

Its is usually up to 17 to 20 meters in size
Meteor Strike Asteroid Comet in Russia

The Way Meteors Affect it has on Living Oragnisms

Animals would be injured such as by displacement or they can have hemorrhages.

It affects people when there are explosions they cause injuries

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