Donato Bramante

Architect of the Renaissance

Biographical Information

Born: 1444 in Urbino, Italy

Lived: 1444-1514

Died: March 11, 1514 in Rome, Italy


Bramante spent much of his life in the cities of Milan, Rome, and Urbino. There is no evidence of his first 30 years in which he is believed to have been inspired by the famous artists and architects who visited his hometown.

Bramante was an architect who worked with many other great innovators of the Renaissance. He was known for his Roman buildings in High Renaissance style.

He was patroned by the Sforza family.


Once again, there is no evidence of his first 30 years. The people who influenced him were seen as mentors to him.

Bramante's Connection to the 'isms.

HUMANISM- Donato Bramante was a great architect who greatly represented humanistic ideas. The classic culture that he brought back from Roman influence greatly showed in his works.

CAPITALISM- Donato Bramante was a great architect who also greatly represented capitalistic ideas. The great contemplations that he made greatly manifested the power of the papacy and its religion's ideas.(He was the papal architect.)

The New Basilica of Saint Peter

Architecture Information

Basilica of Saint Peter

Bramante began drafting designs and blueprints of this Basilica in 1506.

It is located in Vatican City near Rome, Italy.


The architecture of this design was influenced by the many great architects of the time including Michelengo. The newest techniques included in this design were the dome and the square modules.

The St. Peters Basilica is a great example of Renaissance architecture due to it's Roman columns, large dome, accurate details, arches, and repeating modules, all of which highly represent the innovations of this time period.

St. Peter's Connection to an 'ism.

This piece of work is greatly linked to humanism because of the many ideas he got from others and their works. He also brought back many ideas from Roman culture.


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Why I find this piece interesting.

I find this building very interesting due to the question of how people could build something back then to such precision without the technologies that we have today. I also find it interesting because Bramante worked on this piece with other famous architects still known today.... all for the papacy.