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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Testing Survival Resources

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

Spread your Super Powers - Power Pals - Adopt a class!

Keep kids motivated during testing by adopting another class to cheer on. There is a lot of power in letting the kids exchange positive messages. Partner up classes that aren't in a testing year with those who are and make cards or share encouraging messages. You could incorporate technology and create Kid President style videos or use apps like Chatterpix and Tellagami to let the kids get a little silly.

The Krazee for Kindergarten blog has some great ideas for motivational notes - like "You're One Smart Cookie" and "Today You Will Glow When You Show What you Know"- that might be fun to use throughout the testing week. See the link below for the blog post and resources.

Partnerships like this between non-testing classes and testing classes, will also help our non-testers understand the importance of staying quiet in the halls and and in classrooms so that our students testing aren't disturbed.

Fighting Anxiety - the Kryptonite of all Good Test Takers

Many students experience a lot of test taking anxiety - especially on the state standardized tests that seem to last for weeks.

Help your students relax before starting the test each day with some tips from NEA "How to Relax Test-Stressed Kids". You could use peppermint scent in your classroom, encourage kids to drink plenty of water to stimulate their brains, turn on nature sounds before beginning, or get really crazy and let them take off their shoes to help relax.

You can also begin the testing morning with some deep breathing exercises. Create an account with GoNoodle, choose "Category" from the top of the screen>> Deep Breathing >> then one of the videos. Flow is a good video for helping students move and breathe and "Airtime Space" helps students breathe with calming video.

Finding Energy to Power Through the Week

The kids are eventually going to need a break from the reading and writing. Take some time to give them a chance to stand up and move and to laugh a little.

GoNoodle is perfect for waking the kids up and getting them out of their seats. Check out the channels for Zumba Kids, Indoor Recess, and Kidz Bop.

You also might want to check out YouYube for a wide selection of Brain Breaks. I made a play list to get you started on some ideas [here].

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