Around Greece in 8 Days: Santorini

A short adventure through the blue country

8 Day Lapse

Santorini is the destination of millions each year who desire to understand and view the rich art, culture, architecture, and luxury of the famous Blue City. Over the course of 8 days, our group will tour the city of the sea and delve deeper into exploration of the this European metropolis.

The Opening Trip

Friday, May 8th, 9am

Santorini, Thira, Greece

The flight departs at 9. We will depart from Lexington national airport so we are booking a hotel near E-town for a pre-flight stay (Details in itinerary). We will leave there together at 7:15 a.m. in order to get past thorough traffic and to get to the airport on time.


Pre-flight hotel arrival: 8 pm

Day 1-depart for Santorini

Day 2-Arrive in Santorini Check into hotel at 9:30 am. Learn the nearby neighborhood before we travel the next day/

Day 3-Travel through Golubovii street and dine before hitting the beach of Alu’m

Day 4-Travel to sparta via ferry and visit historic monuments, then hit the local club for some discotecha

Day 5-Return to hotel and enjoy a day of leisure and expense; several festivities and Greek culture events will occur at the hotel this night.

Day 6-Visit Alleghorini palace and visit its theater, enjoy a short performance before departing for the nightly cuisine (TBD).

Day 7-Visit DaVinci's art school and study his works/prepare for one last meal before departing.

Day 8-Leave Santorini at 9:00 a.m.

General Lees Tour Squad

The General Lees Tour Squad is a privately owned business corporation that is independently funded and ran by a group of co-officers led by Daulton Cowan. Together, they promote the touring of various exotic locations and the understanding of cultures worldwide. Through the touring, new skills and experiences will be shared by participating members and will shed light upon the ignorance of our minds to other cultures that plague today's society. We exemplify experienced and frequent travelers, offering premium discounts and special bonuses on their trips.

And remember, Life is Limited. Experience the unknown.