Team Leader Silent Agenda

November 11, 2014

Agenda with Notes

  • Technology - This outage has the potential to be extended into next week. We are working on keeping the campus Facebook up to date and have also set up a Remind account for families. That number is 817-381-1064 with @fesfalcons in the body of the text. You are welcome to share with families, if it comes up and you are able.

  • We will continue to use our campus Remind text messaging account to communicate with you. We will also be able to use google and Smore. So I will send the links through Remind for the newsletter to keep things moving. (like I sent this agenda) Thanks for keeping things positive with your teams during this challenge. How we handle this models great life skills to our students on how to adjust and move forward. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  • Pictures: Please tell your teams to text pics to Casey and Laura of what you have had to do "old school" and "work arounds" during this "digital disaster". You all are so creative and we would love to capture your ideas and "fixes".

  • Holiday Party Schedule: We used last year’s party schedule and adjusted a little, as needed with the current lunch/co-curr schedule. Please let us know if there is a problem with your time and you need to adjust.

Dec. 19th:

Fourth grade – 9:45-10:45

Third grade – 11:15-12:15

Second grade – 11:45-12:45

First grade – 11:40-12:40 (recess before lunch for first)

Kindergarten – 12:30-1:30

  • Santa USA has retired. So, no Santa USA this year.

  • Financial Lit: As you look ahead to the Financial Literacy TEKS/Unit. Please let us know if there are items you need. PTA can help. Click here to submit proposal ideas.

  • Literacy Library: Thanks to all the grade levels who submitted proposals to update the Literacy Library. PTA will be purchasing $14,000 worth of new materials! Yay! We are also working with PTA to have volunteers who are assigned to helping manage and organize the Literacy Library on a continuous basis. This will be a huge help!

  • New Schoolview forms: The district Walkthrough Schoolview form has been updated. We will need about 15 minutes with your team to go over the new form and answer any questions. We will begin scheduling these after we get back from the Thanksgiving Break. Just FYI!

  • Extended Co-Curr: Extended co-curr will be Dec. 17th. You are also invited on Dec. 17th for treats from the office. They will be located in the conference room. You may stay and chat with one another or get your food and move along with your day.

One Final Note to the Team Leads:

Thank you for your positive leadership! Your efforts and focus towards the district and campus goals are crucial to our success! More importantly, than any time before, the team leader position is vital to us meeting our goals and moving forward!

You set the tone for your teams daily! They look to you for encouragement, support, and team unity. I appreciate you modeling a growth mindset and a commitment to the Florence and Keller initiatives.

We also appreciate you consistently taking care of your new teachers. These first few years of teaching set the trajectory for their careers. Thank you for helping them see success early and get the support they need for a positive teaching career. We also appreciate your daily work in helping your teams work together in productive and positive ways!

The team leader position can be challenging at times but it is a very, very important job! Every day your model of leadership teaches and sets the expectations for professionalism, posititvity, and a continuous focus on our students.

You are so important and very much appreciated! Thank you!