Join the Navy!

“It’s Not Just a Job, It’s An Adventure”

"John" had always planned on joining the Navy, as it was pretty much a family tradition. He wanted to make a career of it. Everything started out wonderful! He became a linguist and was sent to South America where he was put in charge of an important job. He loved his job, and he looked forward to having a long, successful career in the military.
However, he was sent on a classified assignment that involved combat. After serving nine years of what could have been an illustrious career, he became more and more depressed and suicidal and was eventually given a medical discharge. He came home to a wife who didn't know how to deal with his PTSD, the inability to hold down a job, and bouts of continued depression and social isolation.
"John's" entire world was changed by the curveball of PTSD. He had to completely change his goals for the future, and is still dealing with bouts of depression. His life will never be the same.
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