Second Grade News You Can Use

May 4th-8th, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

Our Stanford testing is over! (Insert fist pump here!) Your children were fantastic during this time. They were considerate of others by staying quiet and following the other bazillion rules that come along with testing. They worked long and hard to finish in three days. They put forth their best effort. I could not have asked for a better group of testers this year. I am excited to see the results. The results usually do not come until July. I think all of us will be pleased when they do come.

Thank you for sending me well-rested, non-anxious, children last week who had water and healthy snacks to keep them going strong.

We are still working to learn as much as we can in second grade. Keep sending me those well-rested children with water and snacks in tow so we can finish our school year strong, as well.

Important Dates

May 5th Kathy Overbay Service Day (Permission Slip due May 1 and lunch needed on the 5th.) We are singing at a nursing home.

May 12 Green Door Gourmet Field Trip Cost is $11.50 (P.S. & $ due May 8th)

May 14 AR Deadline for 4th nine weeks.

May 16 Bellevue Picnic from 9am-10pm

May 18 Elementary Preview Night at 6:30 Parents only (childcare provided)

May 21 End of year Party at the Page Farm (Cost is $5. P.S. & $ due May 15)

May 22 Elementary Awards Day

May 25 School Supply Fees for Next Year (Last day to order if you choose to do so.)

  • As part of our playground fundraising, we will have 3 Kona Days. The Kona Ice truck will come and elementary students may bring $3 to purchase a Kona Ice during recess. (The truck will be set up in the front from 11:30 - 2:00. ) Kona Ice Days are May 6, May 12, and May 20 at Field Day). We get a portion of the proceeds for the playground fund.


Bible Verse: Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Our story this week is about Queen Esther.


We will be covering a potpourri of topics including more picture graphs, lines and surfaces, shapes and patterns, and multiplication of 3's and 4's.

On the math section on the Stanford, the children for the most part did well if they used the strategies and knowledge they have learned throughout first and second grades. However, I did notice some students who did not regroup when needed. If a mistake was made, that was most likely the cause. Please continue to practice math facts with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens with your children throughout the school year and this summer.


We will be partnering with fifth graders this week to turn our Animal Reports into a Keynote Slideshow instead of using Educreations App. The fifth graders are becoming experts using Keynote and we need to start learning how to use it ourselves for third and fourth grade presentations. I am so excited to work collaboratively with some of my former first and second graders who are now our fifth grade leaders!


List One: Words with oo (book)

took, books, foot, hoof, cook, nook, hood, wood, stood, hook, crook, cookbook

List Two: Words with ow, ou (now) and (ouch)

cow, house, town, shout, down, mouse, found, loud, brown, ground, pound, flower


The three topics we have left to study are Right and Responsibilities, Resources and Choices, and Money and Markets.


It is a big week for our butterfly larva. They are growing up, molting, and turning into their chrysalis. When they are inside their chrysalis, they are now considered pupa. We will begin hanging them in the butterfly net to prepare for the arrival of the adult butterflies.

Other Science topics we will covering from now to the end of the year are: Technology and Systems.

Barefoot Republic

We had great fun working in teams playing games after our tests last Thursday. Two counselors from Barefoot Republic came and led us in three fun games. If your child enjoyed these activities and the kind counselors, you may want to follow the link above to learn of a summer camp opportunity in Franklin, TN at Amy Grant's Farm.

Nashville Christian Summer Camps

Register now for camp at NCS this summer by following the link above.

Playground Update

We have completed our survey and have a plan in place for the new playground. Please follow the above links to read about the plan and to donate. The NCS donation page has a specific place for you to mark if you are donating for the playground. Please consider helping us raise the money needed to begin with Phase One of the Extreme Playground Make-Over.