LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministries at First Baptist Covington

Hey, everybody!

So sorry for the last minute cancellation last night for LifeLine! When the stomach bug hits, it hits hard! I hope and pray that all of your families are well and avoiding illness this season!

Prayer Breakfast is on for tomorrow morning at 7 or 8am, so come enjoy a nice hot breakfast and a nice time of prayer before school!

LIFT is on as usual for Wednesday with more new music and the continuation of our brand new series called God Is Not!

Last week's plan for LifeLine "Bring Your Own Wheels Night!" is rescheduled this Sunday for LifeLine! Anything you've got from old rollerblades to razor scooters to skateboards to hover boards, bring it on! No bikes please. We'll clear the room, crank the music, and roll. Bringing a helmet is probably also a good idea. 6-7pm on Sunday! And as an added bonus, I'll provide some FREE FOOD!

The Middle School Mystery Retreat is coming up Feb. 19-21, and it is going to be an amazing time! Unfortunately, I can't really tell you about it, because it's a secret...thus, the "mystery." Either way, register your student HERE, and get ready for a really awesome time!

The Wednesday Night Supper Schedule that you signed up for is below. Let me know if you'd like to fill in one of the gaps!


February 19th-21st - Middle School Mystery Retreat! $100

April 2-7 - Honduras Mission Trip to Orphanage Emmanuel.

May 22 - Graduate Sunday

June 5-10 - Summer Camp @ Crossings Camp in Kentucky! $350

Last Week's Message From LIFT!

God is Not 1

Follow-Up Questions for Parents

· How much does everyone’s tendency to be partial (treat some people differently or as more important than others) effect you on a regular basis?

· In the eyes of God is there any difference between the richest or most famous or most important person on the planet and you? Why not?

· When you think of some of the most horrible people in the world, is it hard for you to believe that Jesus is for them too? Why or why not?

· How does understanding the fact that we all need a savior change the way you treat people?

· How can you specifically treat people with less partiality?