Summer Reading

Keep your child reading this summer!

Want to know how to best prepare children for second grade? Make sure they are reading throughout the summer! Listed below are books that are grade level appropriate for students as well as some fun programs to help you keep them reading!

Picture Books

Non Fiction Books

Visit this link to see how you can make the most of reading non fiction with your student!

-Taken from Reading Rockets Website

Chapter Books and Series

Suggested Authors

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Keep Building their Stamina!

By the end of 1st grade, students should be able to read 20-25 minutes independently. During this time they should be thinking while they read their books (making connections, asking questions, inferring). They might even reread a book. Your student should stay focused on reading during this time and not need reminders to stay on task. The reading stamina goal will increase each nine weeks in 2nd grade, so it's important to keep stamina built up over the summer.

Local Summer Reading Programs

These are a few local programs that will help students have some fun while they are keeping reading stamina and skills on track for 2nd grade !