Louisa May Alcott

Writer of Little Women

Her Life

Louisa May Alcott was born November 29, 1832. One year later, in 1843, she and her family move to Boston. In 1835 her sister, Elizabeth is Born. in 1840, May was born. in 1844, fruitlands fails, leaving the family destitute. In 1845 she gets her first job as a dress maker for dolls. In 1849 she gets a job as a teacher and seamstress. In 1854 she writes her first book, Flower Fables. In 1858, her sister, Beth, dies from scarlet fever. Shortly after, the Alcotts move to Orchard house, Concord. She doesn't stay long and moves back to Boston later in 1858. All throughout the war, she helps as a nurse at various hospitals. In 1863 she writes her first bestseller, Hospital Sketches. In 1868 she writes Little Women. In 1877, Abigail Alcott dies. In 1879, her sister, May dies, leaving her baby, to the custody of Louisa. In 1884 she gets banned from writing for 6 months.On March 6,1888 she dies.