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Student's Weekly Activity Schedule

Language Development Skills:

Money: Counting coins: pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters

Color Words: Students are writing and spelling color words.

Visual perception: Opposites, classifying. Monday and Wednesday.

Christian Studies: Bible and Scriptures for the week are done each morning as part of our circle time activities.

What's Up at Beacon Light Kiddie University?

Summer enrollment is still on. Whiz Kid camp begin on June 20th. If you have a child that is in need of a little boost, sign them up.
Note to Parents: Did you know that students lose up to two months of learning during the summer break?

Frequently Asked Questions about Beacon Light Kiddie University

Beacon Light is a registered family home with a private school culture. For the last 16 years, Mrs. Johnson has made sure that each child in her care leaves with a well rounded academic, spiritual and social foundation, which empowers them to succeed.