Reading Assessment Procedures


Assessment Procedure (Boyle & Peregoy, 2013)

Background Knowledge

Find out what they know! Through Questioning Like DR-TA And IRI

Language Knowledge

Ex: Prepositional Phrases, Anaphoric references & syntax

By Miscue Analysis and conprehension assessment while students read nonconnected text

Word Recognition

Knowledge of sight words, decoding abilities, and level of automaticity student possesses. Use running records, miscue analysis, and informal heading inventories


Understand students level of Knowledge - Background such as denotation and connotation. Through use of students voaculary while speaking, reading & writing in daily work and in miscue analysis.


Analyzing different levels of comprehension, including frustration etc.

Stressing comprehend, factual, and applicative levels

By means of questions: asking and answering , and recall or learning logs.

Informal Reading Inventories

Gradually increasing difficullty reading passages

Provides a general index of passage levels