Get Well Soon

By: Julie Halpern

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At first I chose to read this book for its flashy cover but as I begin to read it I quickly feel in love. The main character ,Anna, has been going through depression and thoughts of self-harm. When he parents realize that they can no longer help her they send he to a mental hospital. Where Anna has some pretty "typical" teenage situations with boys, self-doubt, stress and school. Anna's sarcastic, truth filed point of view kept my interested while the teenage simplicity keep my reading. As I continue to read I feel like I'm really getting to know Anna. It's as if she is writing these letters to me instead of Tracy (her best friend). I know that when I'm done reading this book I'm going to be upset that it's over but lucky for me there is a sequel.
“I'm probably the only person on earth who had to be committed to a mental hospital to find a date.”
“So love is possible at the Loony Bin. Or, at least, lust.”
"Like you never had a boyfriend?"
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