Funerals: Let Us Bury Your Burden

Ashleigh McCarty

Challenges Faced by the Family When Planning a Funeral

Some challenges faced by those planning a funeral for the sudden death of a loved one include some of the following:

  • Figuring out where the ceremony will take place
  • Who needs to be invited
  • What clothes should the deceased be dressed in
  • What kind of casket would he/she have wanted
  • Was there any kind of plan that he/she had put in place before they died
  • Are they going to be buried or cremated

These are all some of the many questions you will have to answer when dealing with the funeral of someone you love. These are all challenges a family might have if a plan was nt put in placed by the deceased beforehand. Planning funerals ahead of time helps the family follow the deceased's wishes as closely as possible (National Funeral Directors Association 2015).

Challenges Faced by the Individual When Dealing With a Funeral

There is nothing worse than death and having to say goodbye to your loved ones. If you realize this tragedy is happening, putting something in place like a Will and Testament with a plan for your funeral would definitely help not only take the stress off of yourself, but off your loved ones as well. Dignity Memorial says there are ten things everyone should know about planning a funeral (Dignity Memorial 2015):

  1. Be informed of all the choices available to you
  2. Your wishes need to be documented
  3. Talk to your family about it and see if they have any input
  4. Decide the final disposition
  5. Ask about the prices
  6. Consider planning and prepaying for services
  7. Why insurance may not be enough
  8. Have a prearranged funeral, cremation service, etc. set up
  9. Find out what government benefits you can receive
  10. Speak with your Eternal Rest Funeral Home adviser

At Eternal Rest Funeral Home we can help you be aware and consider all of these things before the time comes so the only thing you and your family have to worry about is spending time with each other.

Cultural Challenges Faced in the Midst of a Funeral

There are many other things that need to addressed when it comes to planning and putting on a funeral. Being savvy and kind to the culture needs of not only the deceased, but the family as well need to be respected and shown if they so choose. There are many different cultures and traditions that are celebrated before, during, and after the passing of a loved one. Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home we will do our absolute best at honoring the culture of you and your loved one. Here are a couple of the things to keep in mind when wondering what to incorporate into your funeral services:

  • Burial (Mausoleum, graveyard, etc.)
  • Cremation
  • Traditional services
  • Would you like a priest, pastor, Rabi, etc. to perform the services?
  • Are there certain garments the deceased need to be placed in during the processional?
  • Does certain music need to be played to honor your culture?

Economic Preferences and Factors Faced When Planning a Funeral

Finally, the last thing a family needs to worry about when faced with planning a funeral is the costs related with a funeral. Unfortunately, this is something that needed to be thought about. At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we have different payment options that are available for your convenience. There are payment plans set up between 12-, 24-, and 36-months to help take the heavy burden of the funeral off of your shoulders. We also have the lowest prices on caskets, rental halls, etc. that are available for your convenience. We know that these are trying economic times and we want you to be stress-free and be able to say goodbye to your loved one in the way you would like no questions asked.