F.L.Y. Girls Take August by Storm!

August 2013

Credit where credit is due!

First of all I would like to give each of you a standing ovation for this month. I am blown away and humbled by this team every day. We normally do a top three sales list for our overall team numbers, but this month we have to do at least 10, because so many of you just rocked it. By the way, last month our total was $6,264.93. This month, I hope you're sitting down, we did $16,068.69! Can you believe it?

F.L.Y. Team Top Ten

#10 Terri Bailey
#9 Dorene Nichols
#8 Kathy Hoffman
#7 Ashley Luis
#6 Dana Maksimovich
#5 Tammy Howe
#4 Tiffany Rodriguez
#3 Judit Soos
#2 Joanna Cone
#1 Janiece Ferrell

and the Top Three ( because I don't personally HAVE 10 yet!) from my First Line (who were all within $50 of each other!) are....

#3 Kathy Hoffman
#2 Dana Maksimovish
#1 Tammy Howe

As promised, every person that placed a qualifying order this month ($99+) had their name put into an extra drawing on top of our August Contest. Our winner is....

DANA MAKSIMOVICH! :) You will be receiving a $50 Visa gift card from me in the mail.

Thank you so much to everyone for all your hard work.

...and in case you missed it, check out our own Janiece Ferrell getting some recognition by the Dallas Morning News Blog!


Lastly, we added some new members OFFICIALLY last night! Desiree Stoker, Natasha Francis, Kristen Schout and Christina Schnell. Last week we welcomed Vanessa Rivera and Yvette McKee! Welcome!

Team Call TONIGHT!

If you've not had a chance to listen in to our calls, you are truly missing out! Kimberlie always has great tips and information and it's a great way to get to know everyone. If you're a little phone shy (like ME) you are not required to talk! :P

Team Conference Call tonight!
We'll have some August Recognition, Important 4th Quarter Updates & some valuable information to set you up for success this fall!

This call will not be recorded and we will start at 8pm CST/9pm EST.

Simply dial 605-477-2100, when prompted enter the passcode 843042#

September Promotion

Pioneer Your Future with The Band Perry!

The nest just announced today the release of new limited edition tags and song/album download for The Band Perry! This promotion is much like our partnership with Rascal Flatts in the spring. A webinar is available in the back office as well as, FAQ's, guidelines, and facebook photos you can download to spread the news. I'm thinking of using an idea that Kimberlie posted on the facebook page and turning this promotion into a fundraiser to gear up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Setting a flat fee, adding a pink dangle and donating them to a local hospital. There are tons of ways you can be a force for good with something like this and I encourage you to find your own way to pay it forward this month. The promotion ends September 30th and will ship out in October.

New Product info!

If you missed the webinar, it's available in the back office, but our new catalogs will be available October 1st. This will include our new link locket bracelet and chain, although those two items will not be available to ship until November, as they are still perfecting the design. I have pictures of some of our new products on my facebook page for those of you who are new or were not able to make it to convention.


Montgomery Training

There is a fabulous training available THIS Saturday, September 7th in Montgomery, TX. Now, admittedly it's a bit of a hike, but I'll be driving down to meet some of our new teammates and encourage any of you who may have missed our previous meeting to join me. I'll be leaving around 6:30am to make it to the training by 11 am and then driving back after it wraps up. The event page is a below. Please contact me if you'd like to go with me!


{Love} Team shirts

Here is some info from Kimberlie, Our Love Team leader about ordering shirts. For those of you that don't know, We are a branch directly under Kimberlie Harrell, who is our Direct to Corporate Leader. I am in her first line and I've named our branch It's Time to F.L.Y. (Finally {Love} Yourself). While we don't have shirts yet for our growing team, all 381 designers from all the branches under Kimberlie have been invited to order a Love Team shirt. We wore these at convention and they looked so cute! The deadline to order is September 9th.


Less than a week left to order!
Below is the LINK for

{LoVE} TeAM T-shirts.

PLeASE read through this post and follow all instructions to ensure you receive your shirt.

The link IS now open and WILL CLOSE Sunday, September 9th at 11:59pm CST.

{This 3 week period should allow plenty of time for everyone to get their shirts ordered for fall events!}

The final order will be processed on Monday the 9th, and all orders will be shipped out on the 19th. Everyone should receive their shirts over the weekend or the following Monday.

Please only submit once. If you think it didn't go through, please email me, kk_harrell@yahoo.com so that I can check for you.

Be sure to include your shipping address in the Special Instructions box.


Shirt Size Specs!

The only things I have are the specs, which are the actual measurements of the body length and width and the sleeve length.

Hope this helps. . . . .

Ladies: https://www.broderbros.com/cgi-bin/online/webshr/prod-detail.w?sr=391A&q=391

Unisex: https://www.broderbros.com/cgi-bin/online/webshr/prod-detail.w?sr=980&q=980

Housekeeping items, but just as important

  • Our fabulous team is growing more and more every week. Please remember as you add new team members to email me your DIW's name, email and waiting list number. That way we can add them to our newsletter and any updates that go out to our team. Also, when they get their wings, make sure you send them a welcome email and help them learn the ropes. We are a team that truly cares about each other and wants others to thrive. Let's help however we can. :)
  • Remember to check the back office daily for updates, new releases, DIW info and product availabilty (which we are at 100% availability right now!) WHOOP!
  • Also in the back office are weekly webinars. Mondays are corporate trainings and updates and Thursdays they've begun releasing training from convention. This will change the face of your business. SERIOUSLY. Check them out!
  • On the lines of training, I've gotten a little crazy on my kindle account. (which by the way, I don't own a Kindle, but have a kindle app on my phone, so there are options...) There are a TON of free and under $5 books available on direct sales. I have been grabbing everything I can so that I can try to grow not only as a business owner and team leader, but as a person. I encourage you to continue to grow and learn. It does a body good. *wink*
  • I know it has been a crazy summer with travel, weddings, moving, family, our kid's activities, school, work, etc. and it's been hard to get things on the calendar. Life is literally running away from me and laughing over it's shoulder. No lie. I'd like to get myself organized, start calling my customers and just reach out. I encourage you to do the same. Offer a free charm, a birthday card/club, a special promotion or just send a handwritten card to let them know you're thinking of them because if you're not selling to them someone else is! This month we were literally one $99 qualifying order away from being a senior team leader status team. If we can promote this month, we will send our fearless leader Kimberlie to a Director for her one year anniversary with the company! I hope y'all know me well enough to know that this business is not about all money and numbers to me, but I sure would love to see Kim get the recognition she deserves and I wish that for each of you as well! Let's ROCK this :)
  • If you are new to the team, please read over the policies and procedures in the back office. There are directions on how you must word your facebook fan pages, as well as ordering your new business cards, which need to be done through flyersdirect.com ONLY. :)
  • And as always, if you ever have any questions please feel free to call, text, email or message me. Your direct mentor is there to help you as well as our Facebook LoVE Team page too.

Thanks everyone!

Lindsey Sullivan