Where are your products made in?

1st step: divide in groups of 4 or 5

In your group, try to find out in which countries are your clothes made in (not where they are bought but made in). If you have any other objects with you (pencil, pens, notebooks, etc.) try to also discover where they are made in.

2nd step: find in the map where those countries are and mark them

Take a look at the outline of the world that is in the floor, try to identify where the countries where your products come from are.

Your group will have some stones, place them on the map where those countries are.

Big image

3rd step: reflect on what you see

What impressions do you have when looking at the map?

Where are the majority of the products made in?

How many of you had all their products made in their own country? How many did you have?

What are the consequences of this? Why do you think this happens?

What is the responsability that we have as consumers?

Who has the power to make a change and why? What can we do differently?

Do you look at the labels of the products you buy? If yes, why?

After our discussion, in which way have the criteria you use for buying products changed? Give some examples.

Enjoy it!