Skyview Connections

Friday, October 27th 2017

Halloween Guidelines

Dear Parents,

Every year we get several phone calls about what kids can and can’t do as far as

dressing up for Halloween. It was decided by the staff that we would like to again

offer students the opportunity to dress up at school this year. If a student chooses to

dress up, the following rules must be adhered to:

• No props of any kind may be brought. (This includes swords, weapons,

fairy wands, ect.)

• Face paint or temporary hair color must be applied at home and not

brought to school. (All face paint must be removed by the next school


• The complete costume should be worn to school.

• No time will be given at school to dress up.

• No masks may be worn

• Absolutely no gore, blood or fangs.

• The student’s costume must be able to allow the student to participate

in any school activities that happen during the school day, this includes

PE and recess.

• When designing costumes please be mindful that we do have

preschoolers in our building, we want them to be comfortable and not


If you are volunteering Halloween Day, this includes attending the classroom party,

please be sure to follow the above guidelines for costumes and be a good role model

for our students. If students follow the above stated rules and things go well in the

classroom we will again consider continuing this tradition next year. If we have

problems with kids wearing scary costumes, bringing props, or teachers losing

teaching time because of costume problems or lack of attention from students, we

will not be able to offer this opportunity next year. We need everyone’s help to

work hard to make this a successful experience for Skyview.


Tammy Seib

Tomorrow and Saturday Events

Oct 27th: Be a twin with a friend and dress alike! Or wear red, whichever you like!!

Oct 28th: Halloween Trick or Treating to the Windsor Businesses 1-3pm: Join the Windsor Businesses gathered downtown for Halloween Trick or Treating!

Nov 3rd: Picture Retake Day