Search Engine S'more

By: Nishant Patil

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General Search Engine - Google

Summary: Google is a search engine that is available in many languages and provides accurate results quickly. Any typical internet surfer who uses the internet can use Google.

Fact: Google wanted to sell themselves to Excite for less than $1 million in 1999, but Excite declined. Today, Google is worth about $515 billion and Excite went bankrupt in 2001.

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Metasearch Search Engine - Excite

Summary: Excite is a metasearch engine which behaves like a one-stop shop. It contains all of the information an everyday person would look for by consolidating information into one website. A person who wants to find all the information they need on one website would benefit from using Excite.

Fact: In 1999, Excite merged with @ Home Network to make its $6.7 billion merger one of the largest internet company mergers, but interestingly in 2001, it went bankrupt during the dot-com bubble burst.

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P2P Search Engine - YaCy

Summary: YaCy is a free P2P search engine in which YaCy-peers, installed on users' computers, crawl through the internet, index web pages, and store them in a database common to other Yacy-peers. This makes YaCy decentralized and not reliant on servers.

Anybody who wants to do specialized searches on a downloadable browser would benefit from YaCy.

Fact: YaCy was developed by a community of volunteer developers and not any company.

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Geographically Limited Scope Search Engine - Rediff

Summary: Rediff is a search engine that is geographically limited in scope to India. It contains Indian news, information, entertainment, and a shopping web portal. Indians in India who want to search content that is limited to India would benefit the most from Rediff.

Fact: was the first website domain name registered in India in 1996.

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Semantic Search Engine - Yummly

Summary: Yummly is a website that provides recipes and recommendations which are personalized to the user's preferences. People who like to cook and want to search and explore for recipes would benefit the most from this website.

Fact: The Yummly app was ranked the 13th most popular app in the App Store in 2014.