MACS Family Resources

Week of May 11-15, 2020 - Volume 8

We Are Here to Support Your Family During Remote Learning

MACS Families, we want to support your child and family during this period of remote learning.

Our main purpose for serving as educators is to serve our students in ways that will empower them for lifelong learning. Please know that your families are a part of our MACS family and we miss you. We are here to support in any way possible.

We know that supporting your child's remote learning can be a struggle and some families may be frustrated. If this is happening for your family, begin with contacting your child's teacher. As a district, we are committed to providing you with up-to-date resources, ideas for at home learning and ways to keep your child engaged in the learning process.

This newsletter will be published weekly for all MACS Families. You can find this resource on our MACS website, Twitter (@MACSchools) and Facebook.

We have also developed a new Learning Support for Families Google doc, this will be published on our MACS website as well.

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Congratulations to Our MAHS Class of 2020!

Don't miss the upcoming Senior Parade for our Class of 2020! This is a great opportunity for our school district and community to support our graduates. Read more about this great event in the article from The Mount Airy News, linked below.

Learning Happens in the Kitchen

Each week we will highlight opportunities for learning at home in the kitchen. Kids of all ages can participate in the process of food prep or cooking. See this week's healthy and kid-friendly recipes below. YUM!!!

Activities To Support Your Family's Social and Emotional Learning

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children has designed a weekly video to help all of us remain resilient during COVID-19. Check it out in the link below.

Stacked Deck Grant Learning for Mount Airy Middle School (MAMS) Students

Our very own Robbie Rives, MAMS Health and Physical Education teacher was awarded the Stacked Deck grant for the 2019- 2020 school year. Below he has shared some great information regarding the work he completed with our MAMS students. We appreciate Mr. Rives' leadership and willingness to seek outside funds for learning experiences that support our students' needs to make healthy life choices.

"This past school year I was able to implement the Stacked Deck curriculum for problem gambling and it was a huge success! Stacked Deck is effective in preventing and reducing the risk of problem gambling among teens and young adults. The evidence-based curriculum was researched by Robert Williams, Ph.D. and Robert Wood, Ph.D. then published it in 2010. Offered in five to six sessions that extend from 35-45 minutes each, the program is aimed at changing gambling-related attitudes, knowledge, beliefs and practices. The Stacked Deck curriculum is heavily interactive and includes activities such as role-playing. This year students have designed posters and produced videos with prevention gambling messages with the use of Smore. In addition, the curriculum includes take-home “family pages” to engage family members in the program. Participating students are given a pre and post-curriculum survey. I’ve had a blast learning and educating my students of the risks associated with problem gambling! With the help of the Stacked Deck grant I hope to continue positively impacting students for years to come." ~ Robbie Rives

21st Century- Future Leaders Academy (FLA) Programming Continues Remotely

We are excited to announce that our Future Leaders Academy (FLA) teachers have been developing excellent resources for our students! The FLA program is funded through our 21st Century federal grant, which serves students in the after-school environment and summer programming. This grant is a huge opportunity for our students to be served outside of the regular school day.

Each week our FLA teachers will be sharing resources here to support our students during the COVID-19 school closure. Check out the first ones below and remember this is totally OPTIONAL for our students and families. The regular school day work should be the priority and these resources will serve as enrichment.

BHT Families- Click here to access the new FLA Choice Menu #6- designed for our Pre-Kindergarten -2nd grade - This week kids can learn all about Animal Habitats!

Jones Families- Click here to access the new FLA Choice Menu # 1- All About Space. This choice board was designed by our very own FLA teacher, Jessica Hall. Enjoy learning.

For any FLA student that works with Lexercise you will be served by 1 of your Lexercise teachers (Ms. Wertman or Mrs. Martin @Jones/ Mrs. Worrell @BHT).