Munchak gets cut

Titans coach, Mike Munchak was fired

His History With The Titans

Mike Munchak was fired January, 5 2014. Mike played for the Titans when he was a player and he was there star lineman, but after having a 7-9, 9-7 and a 6-10 record for the first three seasons of his coaching. I guess it wasn't good enough for the Tennessee Titans.

How He Reacted

Later the day Mike was fired, he was interviewed and said. "This day I hoped would never come, but there is a reason for everything". Once Mike was fired, he didn't know what he would do, if he would try to coach a college team or even another NFL team, Mike had no idea. When Mike found out he was cut from the Titans he left LP field.(Titans Stadium)

What Titans Will Do Now

The Tennessee Titans don't have a coach so they are probably going to either give the head coach spot to one of there other coaches or they will try to find another coach. The Tennessee Titans are not in the playoffs so they have all the way until next year to find and hire a coach. They started to look for coaches with Jay Gruden. I think that when the Titans make there final decision it will be a good one.