Anime and American

The stereotype that's all wrong

There's a stereotype that most people believe is completely true,the stereotype is that American movies or films are completely different and have nothing in common with Japanese animations(aka anime).This stereotype isn't entirely true,there are a few occurrences or pairs with similarities.

For example,the American movie The Matrix and the anime Ghost In The Shell are very similar.One very prominent similarity is the setting in a dystopian future.In you don't know what a dystopian future is,a dystopia is the exact opposite of a utopia,a world in which everything is perfect and happy.So a dystopia is a world in which everything is ruined,destroyed,apocalyptic,and humanity is being controlled by robots.The main protagonist in The Matrix tries to solve and "remake" this computer world.The main protagonist from Ghost In The Shell has to deal with robots and the trouble they cause.

Another similarity that stands out is the green binary data in the background of the opening credit scene.The viewer may feel like they're watching the monitor of an old 386 computer.It is a digital universe with unending darkness that makes the people watching vicariously feel as if they are part of the computer monitor,or even the data itself.

According to Kukhee Choo "both Ghost In The Shell and The Matrix have a story line that follows the main protagonist as they try to solve and survive in a future that technology can manipulate what 'reality' a human sees."

So think again,before you say anime and American films have nothing in common remember this article and what it said in it.Anime and American films have many similarities.


Anime article by Kukhee Choo