Land of 10,000 lakes

Immigrate today

Are you tired of those other repulsive states that just don't have what you need?

Then you need to come to Minnesota! We have wonderful land that is probably rich in mineral treasures. More than 20 million acres of land are open for settlement. We also have land for public schools and universities. Come to Minnesota quick before land runs out!

Kind people

We have many kind people who live in Minnesota.

One of those people being Harriet Bishop. She grew up in Vermont and had trained to become a teacher, one of the few careers open for women. So, if you have children, they can get a great education! Not only that, but the rich respect and assist the poor. No one considers wealth. We respect everyone in Minnesota, which makes it a very worthwhile place to immigrate to.

Easy to get here

We make it easy to get here!

Our main mode of travel to get to Minnesota Is by steamboat. They carry people as well as cargo, go we can bring you're luggage, too! Steamboats have been making regular stops to St. Paul since 1847.

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