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Marketing careers attract creative and driven individuals. Though most marketing jobs are specialized, marketing typically draws on your ability to match perception of the market with achievable plans of action. Best for self-starters who can manage multiple tasks, a career in marketing can be demanding, and with long hours, but the field rewards merit and performance.

Career Research Requirements

"Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. It is a varied role that includes planning, advertising, public relations, event organisation, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research. The work is often challenging and fast-paced." Marketing businesses have to manage budgets, evaluate marketing campaigns, and do many more managing and listing that comes their way. For marketing, you must have strong communication, sales and presentation skills. Also, must be goal oriented, flexible and creative under pressure, often while juggling several projects at once. Marketing managers typically have a bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration; however, some employers may prefer a master's degree, in addition to extensive experience in marketing, advertising, brand management or sales. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated an average job growth of 13% (as fast as average) for marketing managers from 2012-2022. Depending if you end up being a manager or specialist in marketing, your salary will vary:Marketing Specialist: $56,167 Marketing Manager: $119, 480.

High School Preparation Requirments

Marketing may be a good career, but just in case of anything, the good thing is that there are related careers such as, Appraisers, Real Estate Assessors Business Teachers, Computer Programmers. Here at Leyden, I can begin to prepare myself for my future by taking classes that can help me with marketing. Classes include, business Accounting, Entrepreneurship,Sports and entertainment marketing and many more options. Some Work/Volunteer Experience that could help me become good at marketing is either being a cashier, an assistant manager or a manager of a store, restaurant, etc.
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Post- Secondary Plans Requirements

Bentley University Walthum Massachusetts is good when it comes to business and marketing because it teaches advertising and promotion, analytic, market research, social media and product development. Bentley University majors in Actuarial Sciences, Global Studies, History, Liberal Arts, Mathematical Sciences, Media and Culture, Philosophy, Public Policy, Spanish Studies, and Sustainability Science-this are majors for Business Studies Majors.Bentley University is the top college when it comes to marketing.

The 2nd one is the University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia. which majors in history of art, Italian studies, linguistics, biology, chemistry, African studies. This university helps with marketing as a career because it teaches the basics of how to become an entrepreneur.
The 3rd is Brant University: SmithField, R.I. which majors in international Business Major – Management Concentration International Business Major – Global Supply Chain Management Concentration Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Applied Psychology Bachelor of Science with an Applied Economics Major Bachelor of Arts in Economics Major – International Political Economy Track Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Literary and Cultural Studies Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Global Studies - Global Economics Content Track

Internship Description: Internships are available in a number of departments: (1) Strategic Planning, (2) Account Management (3) Production and (4) Creative. All interns would be an integral part of our team. Strategic Branding: Responsibilities include brainstorming and managing consumer insights, shopper insights and retail marketing research. You'll work with your team to identify key information that can be developed into insights that are the foundation of our concept planning and retail strategy presentation


They also involve “creative problem solving and creative expression; long hours; high stress; and very little recognition,” she says. “But if you’re a marketer at heart, you’ll have fun and there is no point in doing anything else.” Marketing can be like trying to change a tire while driving down the freeway in a high-speed chase,” Noize adds. “Truly challenging, exhilarating, and not for the faint of heart.”

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize

Goldhill says. “Advertising and marketing is what is needed to make this distinction. And, this is the work usually done by a creative person who can think outside the box, or better yet, without any box.”

(Jonathan Goldhill)

Introduction to Marketing


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