The boy in the striped pajamas

By: cael rudolf

Author: John Boyne

Main characters



Bruno's mom and dad


bruno's sister

Main conflict

The main conflict is that bruno sneaks into the camp and they are trying to find shmuel's dad and they get taken to the gas chamber.

Events from beginning of the book

  • Bruno comes home and see's maria packing up all of his belongings.
  • Bruno speaks to his parents and they tell him that they are moving from Berlin for his father's job.

Events from middle of the book.

  • They get to the new house at out-with and Bruno see's something outside of his window and thinks that it is a farm but it is really the camp.
  • Bruno makes a tire swing and falls off and hurts his leg and the vegetable guys that is a Jewish person helps him and the mom see's and has to tell father that she bandaged his leg.

Events from the end of the book.

  • Bruno goes exploring and finds Shmuel and they become friends and Bruno brings him food almost everyday.
  • Bruno sneaks into the camp to try and help Shmuel find his dad and as they are looking for him they get put into the gas chamber and Bruno is never seen again by his family.

The conflict is never really resolved because Bruno is never found.