Second language acquisition.

and what to know about it.

Here is how to tell how long someone has been using their 2nd language.

Signs of someone that has been using it for 3 years.

-They know themselves that they still have some to learn about the language.

-They are used to the language and are comfortable using it.

-Knowing how to say or explain info in their first try without saying something wrong in the language.

Signs of someone that has been using it for 18+ years.

-Using it around any environment. They use the language with just about anyone else who knows the language. They are completely used to it and just about mastered the language.

-When the development is complete. Basically, they can use the language just as much as someone who has been born with it.

Other notes about second language.

-The second language is normally learned between age 2 and puberty.

There is a thing related with the second language called laterialization.

-Laterialization is when each side of the brain is used to learn both langauges.

-Laterialization is usually completed by puberty.

Advantages/disadvantages in young learning 2nd language and older learning 2nd langauge.

[Young learner advantage]

-It's easier to learn due to being able to use your whole brain to learn the language.

[Old learner advantage]

-Has greater control over the knowledge and input.

And lastly.. Signs of proficiency in the second language.


-Using it socially

-Reading, writing, speaking.

It usually takes 4-10 years to use it at an academic level.