the poem:)

idk hii

I WIsh

I wish I had money

I wish I had good grades

I wish I had real friends

I wish I had a life

I wish I had a mansion

I wish I had electric drum-set

I wish I had a long-board

Communication(free verse)

We always talk and text


My finger and my mouth are controlled

My mind say's one thing

and my heart says another

which one should I listen to?

It's hard because both take me different path's

One leads me to the friend zone

and the other to the sweet side, but how will he reply?

or how would his reaction be when I talk to him

would he mind?

thankful for wasting my time(ballad)

When I told you

That I like you

I wasn't there to see your reaction

but I'm scared to see your reaction

But i'm glad I wasn't there

You show me allot of your feelings

but you have also showed me

the feelings you feel for someone else

i'm sorry for wasting your time

and i'm sorry for wasting MY time

but i'm glad I wasted it because

I live thinking that I had

lived my good moments with you