Great White Sharks

McKenna Oggier

The First Recorded Attack

"The pain form the bite felt as if I was being crushed by 10 cars!" said the man in 1916 along the Jersey Shore in the summer heat. He had just been bitten by a Great White Shark. (The first recorded attack). Great White sharks are the most beautiful and interesting animals ever!

Why do they attack humans?

No doubt, this fish is very aggressive! They are known for attacking humans! So, we can see why those who love open water fear this shark. But, most people who do get attacked, actually live. The shark attacks because they feel threatened by the swimmer and only attack in order for them to feel safe.

Do they just search for humans 24/7?

People think Great White Sharks swim around all day looking for humans! that is not true!

They would rather eat other sharks, dead animals already in the ocean, or any kind of meat/fish. People find this heart whelming that they don't just search for humans all day long.

Where was the first shark tagged?

The first spotted was in Boston, Massachusetts on the Cape Cod Beach. The Great White was a female and 12-15 feet long! Thank goodness no one was inured! The first Great White Shark caught and tagged was in the Atlantic Ocean. The shark was 15 feet long and 2,292 pounds! It took them 16 minutes to chip the shark so they could track it in the future. Then, they released the shark back into the ocean.

They are special!!!

In conclusion, The Great White Shark needs your love! One day, sharks will not be here, like the dinosaurs, so why not admire them while you can! Great White Sharks are not a ferocious predators, but they are a interesting, graceful, and a unique species of a shark!


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