Earth Club!

Join our Earth Club for a small price!

The Earth Club is a great opportunity for making friends and helping our community!

This club is meant to help our community so our earth can be clean! You can make a difference if you join the Earth Club, for a small price of $6 you can join today! Turn in this flyer with your name, the money, your parents signature, and your teachers signature to make sure it is okay with your teacher that you might be missing class time. We will meet every Thursday at 11:25 in the learning commons. Please turn this in on our first meeting on 11/13/14 with the money and the signatures.

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About Myself

My name is Zachary Churchill, I am ten years old and in fifth grade. I got inspired to do the club because i was walking out at recess and saw a lot of trash laying around. I wasn't happy that someone would leave their trash their but i picked it up and that gave me the idea for the Earth Club