- How to make the muscle adaptation

How to make the muscle adaptation does not interfere with muscle growth? At present there are several methods which are effective for this problem. The first of these methods is prophylactic. Such a process will help the athlete already addicted to the considered adaptation, with a low probability. Preventive method is to periodically change the cargo shells

It's not very difficult. If an athlete is already quite a long time training with one and the weight of the projectile on, or change the weight on bit (examples include chest muscle training 4x12), the muscle mass does not have time to get used to the new weight, not just reacting to this change. Withdraw an athlete from consideration of adaptation on changing the shell weight, will not work. You can only extend up to 3-4 months of training, periodically changing the weight of the projectile.

Muscle tissue is also an athlete and get used to the total number of sets and reps, so we can argue that changing the number of repetitions cannot be afraid of muscle adaptation. Given that such a change in the total number of repetitions and weight change is accompanied by a projectile, then, to achieve the desired result, you will need training for six months
It is impossible not to consider the fact that the muscles adapt and even under any movement. This adaptation of muscles is the most dangerous in bodybuilding