Harlem Musicians!!

Singers that Stuck Society in the Summit of the Century!!!

Harlem's Cotton Club

Come to Harlem and see the amazing Duke Ellington! With tunes such as Take the" A" Train, and C- Jam Blues, crowds are always in awe of his talent! Another spectacle to behold is Mister Louis Armstrong! His songs like "What A Wonderful World" and "Star Dust" really give the people of Harlem what the need to hear!The lighthearted Jelly Roll Morton will always leave you wanting more with arguably his most famous hit, Boogaboo!


Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a place to express ourselves and our ideas without judgement and restriction: right here in Harlem! This will impact the American society from the 1920's and beyond, because we WILL be given more power! WE WILL hold positions in Office! Join the Great Migration, come to Harlem, and lets express our opinions through MUSIC!!

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