The Falcon Community Newsletter

Volume 1 * Edition 12 * October 17, 2021

Principal's Corner

Falcon Community,

I am so grateful for all the support parents show towards our school. In my different interactions with parents, I always find my Hilltop Middle parents very supportive; thank you! We are here to serve our community, and our two biggest goals are to ensure student safety and to ensure student academic performance continues to improve.

Regarding COVID, this is our second week without a single COVID positive case at our school! I want to thank our parents for reminding students to wear a facemask at school, students are doing a fabulous job at wearing their facemasks. Please continue encouraging your students to wear their facemasks, this is truly making a positive difference at our school site.

Regarding academics, we will continue offering free tutoring services Mondays to Thursdays from 3:20pm to 5:20pm in the cafeteria, we always have at least two teachers tutoring students. Students do not have to pre-register to attend tutoring, students may simply walk in. We had our first Saturday Academy yesterday, and we had close to 50 students. Our goal is to continue providing academic support to our students. The second Progress Report for semester one will be sent home on Friday October 29, please encourage your students to continue trying their best in school.

Regarding Climate and Culture, We had our second Pep Rally and students were very well behaved. During our Pep Rally we recognized our different sport teams, our band & orchestra students participated, and so did our cheerleading squad. Our ASB student organized an amazing Pep Rally! We continue to share with our students Social Emotional presentations on Media Mondays & Wellness Wednesdays during Advisory. I am happy to report that our students have improved tremendously in their interactions during Nutrition and Lunch breaks. I am aware that it will never be perfect, but overall, students are learning to respect each other.

The implementation of our New Cell Phone Policy has been a success. Students have been following our new policy with great attitude, teachers report that only a handful of students needed to be reminded to put their phones away. I thank you for your support, and as promised, we are being patient and objective while implementing our new cell phone policy.

I hope you find our newsletter informative.

Thank you.


Luis Aparicio


Hilltop Middle School

Relator – Learner – Achiever – Analytical – Individualization

Assistant Principal's Reminders for Success!

Progress Report week is coming up very soon. Teachers will be submitting grades Wednesday October 27th, and grades come out on Friday October 29th.

This is the perfect time to check Jupiter Grades if you haven't already done so and have those constructive conversations with your student regarding grades, assignments, and what can be done to continue to improve. If you have any questions about specific assignments or assessments, you may contact the teacher via Jupiter, although we also encourage students to begin to advocate for themselves and go ask the teacher on their own. If after they have done that they are still unsure of the assignment or grade, then a teacher message would be a helpful and efficient way to communicate.

Falcon Scholars tutoring is now open 4 days a week, Monday - Thursday from 3:20 - 5:20. Students can use this time to finish class and homework as well as get individualized and small group tutoring with our HTM teachers. Teachers vary by day, but if you have any questions regarding Falcon Scholars Tutoring and what content area teachers are attending for tutoring, feel free to see the link below and contact Ms. Garcia.

Falcon Scholars

After School Tutoring

Hilltop Middle School - COVID testing site on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Wellness Wednesday for the Week

Wellness Wednesday Vibes - The Power of Nature and Being Outside

Social Emotional Learning for Students

We continue to nurture, foster, and support our student's social emotional learning on a weekly basis through advisory. See the slides linked below for the latest topic addressed in class and engage your student in a conversation on how they are feeling being back at school and if they understand what it means to be socially aware.

October Spirit Week

Parents, please encourage your students to participate in our Spirit Week. This is a way on how to connect with our school and participate and unite our student body. I will be dressing up and participating during the entire week for I want to connect with my students. I truly appreciate your support. Thank you!
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600 Building Remodeling - New Science Classrooms

Hilltop Middle Clubs

Hilltop Middle Clubs Link

This link will take you to explore the different clubs we have currently at Hilltop Middle School. In the link, you will find information as to when and what time the clubs get together.

Behavior Expectations Presentation: