New Kingdom

by: Ivey, Danni, Ava, and Sophia

October 22

Daily News

Today, October 22, Ramses II, Ra, and Amun will light up at Abu Simbel. Only Ptah will stay in the darkness, where he likes to be. You should definitely go to see Pharaoh Ramses II in the light. Show him that you care about him. Also, this only happens two times a year. So don’t miss your chance! Go now, before too many people get there and have fun!
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Come for a ride!

Tell anyone you know to come to the chariot station! Chariot rides available depending on how far you travel. Trade or money are acceptable for payment. All you have to do is show up to one of our chariot stations and tell us where you are heading and we’ll assign you a chariot that you can ride. Or, if you see a chariot on the street with nobody in it, you may ask for the ride, too. So come down to Chelsea’s Chariots today!
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Egypt Comics

These comics from Ramses II can be very helpful. Have your kids (sons) read these comics to help them learn how to read and write. You should also have them memorize this basic scribe rule. It is sure to help them in their writing! Check in every day for some new comics!
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Today 5 ounces of gold were traded for 15 ounces of lapis lazuli to decorate our pharaoh's coffin. Another 100 bushels of wheat were traded for 10 ounces of lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. They were currently low on food so our merchants got a little more lapis lazuli. The value of gold has gone up since a major gold mine has collapsed. Inside the mine there were 10 tons of gold and 90 ounces of mined and polished lapis lazuli. If you have gold, be aware of its new value.
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Check out this new piece of papyrus! You can buy a one for your soon to be scribe son to write on. It also comes with a free writing tool. If you buy it today before 8:00 p.m., you get a 30% discount. You can also pay just a little more for a servant to carry your piece home. There is also an option to get a private scribe tutor. Come by to buy it now!
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Royal gossip

Recently, Ramses has been ordering statues of him to be as tall as the gods! What kind of a madness? Is Ramses plotting to overthrow Ra and Osiris ? He might be secretly working on a temple to honor himself, based off of the large quantities of stone and sculptors he has commanded to the mountainside. Does he have the right to do this, or is this a violation of the gods? Builder: “ He plans to have four giant statues built into the mountain and statues of gods exactly the same height as him!” Very odd, gods are supposed to be bigger and more powerful than Pharaohs. Is Ramses just gone mad and haughty, or does he have something evil up his crown?
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Eye on the Enemy

Dear citizens,

Don’t fear any of our enemies for we will defeat them soon. Our powerful army will kill them all off or make them surrender if THEY ACTUALLY FIGHT HARD ENOUGH THIS TIME! Our devastation for the peace treaty is too great, but we have plans and we are prepping our armies for war to capture other groups and cities. Since we are known to have strong armies and we have the Nile and deserts surrounding us, we safe here. But, we are planning to capture MORE land to be even safer.


Your king, Ramses II

Commoners Comments

“ I think Ramses II should give us an opinion on what he says, before he makes it the law.


“I agree with Julie! Ramses II should give us a opinion, it isn’t far that one person’s word is law!


“I think Ramses is great because he is a great powerful leader! He will protect us.


“ Ramesses the Great, Is the most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire!


Note: tune in next week for more entries and new comments.
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Today we are still finding artifacts from Hatshepsut and her temples. Tuthmosis III definitely had something to do with his step-mother’s mysterious death at such a young age. We are finding more and more evidence to prove this. Also, there are scratches and empty spots on the temple, and even some knocked down statues and ruins. Apparently Tuthmosis III hired a man to kill this “pharaoh” while she was still ruling. Keep tuned for more information on previous pharaohs!
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Job Available

Fred has asked this newspaper to ask for help. If anyone can help out with his jewelry shop. His qualification are: being able to count money, being able to identify the items we sell, sell at a good price. If all this qualifications are meet you can go to Fred’s Jewelry Store and apply to his job. We will keep you posted on all new job updates.

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Do you like the changes Ramses II has made to Egypt?

Most “commoners” do not like the changes that his reign has brought. For example, when Ramses took all the credit for the Battle of Kadesh. A few wounded and worn soldiers have complained about their “perfect general”

Let’s see what everyone thinks:

(Soldier) “Are you kidding me? I was the one who fought bravely in honor of the gods! Not that lazy cow Ramses!

Yes, I like his reign: 32%

No, I don’t like his reign: 68%
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Where to go

If your family is ever bored at home one day… come over to the Where To Go stand. You will see exactly where everyone is going. Some great places to go are: take a throw back and visit the pyramids, go to visit scribe school, or go to Fred’s Jewelry Store. I hope this helps you find out where to go. Tune in next week for the new places to go.
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