The Biome

The Weather and Climate

The Tropical Rainforest is very lush and wet. It recieves about 80 - 400 inches of rain per year. Rain is a regular thing that happens in the rainforest. The temperature is typically always warm. The mean of the temerature is between about 70 and 85 degrees.



All plants have to adapt in their surroundings. Trees grow thicker bark so they don't lose moisture as easily. Lianas (climbing wood vines that drape the rainforest) use trees to reach the sunlight. Here is a list of just some of the plants in the Rainforest: Coccoloba, Talipot Palm, Banyan Tree, and the Double Coconut.



The top predators in the Rainforest are tigers, anacondas, alligator, and apes. They prey on birds, amphibians, retiles, and birds. The top predators do compete for food since they require a bigger meal, there isn't as much for feed them as their would be if they were a small animal.

Limiting Factors


  • Animals
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Insects


  • Streams
  • Rain
  • Rocks
  • Mountains

Ecological Concerns and Issues

Humans have began to come in a cut tree down from the Rainforest. 30 acres of trees are cut down every minute. A portion of the rainforest the size of a football field is gone within seconds.