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September 22, 2019

Instructional Focus:

2E: Organizing Physical Space

In this component, student and staff safety is the primary component. People should be able to move around the classroom without injury. The classroom is designed to facilitate learning activities and students have access to materials. The teacher is able to view all areas of the room and students are able to hear and see the teacher. Students are able to view technology to enhance the lesson.

Food for thought:

  • Are backpacks and materials put away to provide clear aisles?
  • Are the students able to move furniture or move around the room in order to better facilitate learning?
  • With minimal movement, are all students able to view/hear the lesson?
  • Is there a flow to the movement in the room?

(Full Text Here: pages 55-57)


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Upcoming Events:

  • 9/23-9/27: A Week
  • 9/24: STEM Club meeting (5th and 6th grade) @ 7:30
  • 9/25: 1:55 Release-PLC; Book Fair Starts
  • 9/26: 11:55 Release-Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 9/27: 11:55 Release-Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 9/30-10/4: B Week
  • 9/30: Muttigree's Club @ 3:30
  • 10/1: Cookie Dough Delivered; Leadership Team Meeting @ 7:15; Last Day of the Book Fair
  • 10/2: 1:55 Release-PLC
  • 10/3: PTSO Meeting @ 3:15
  • 10/4: 11:55 Release-Grading Day; No Specials

Attention Paraprofessionals!!!!

As a reminder to our amazing paraprofessionals, October 14th is a scheduled work day. While the students don't come back until October 15th, this is a day that the district has set aside to provide professional development opportunities.

Here is the sign-up for the paraprofessional mini-conference. If you do not plan on attending, please see Maria or Sonja as you will need to use comp. time, medical leave, or you will not receive pay.

This link will take you to the schedule for the day. Here are some recommendations that I have for classes, but if you would like more specific details for what might be relevant to your position, please reach out to your immediate supervisor (Alba Garcia for ELL, any of the COPE teachers, Sue Terrill for resource, or Jaylen/Colene for Preschool).

Behavior and Trauma by Dr. Melissa Wood-Amazing course for any type of paraprofessional!

Google Apps for Education-wouldn't be bad for anyone that needs more help with Google Mail, Docs, Drive, etc.

Overview of ReadyGEN-any paraprofessional that works with students K-6

Positive Interactions-Great course by a great teacher; great for preschool or COPE

Prompting-Very knowledgeable instructor would be great for COPE

Understanding Students with Autism- Strongly recommend for specific paraprofessionals in COPE and resource

Working with COPE Students in General Education-Great course for our COPE teachers

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