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November 16, 2020


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Hello Parents,

This week we discuss gossip – defined as speaking unkindly about another person in their absence.

No parent wants to learn that their child is hurting other people by speaking unkindly about them to

their peers, nor do we want our child to be the target of gossip either.


Donna Eder, Ph.D., recorded the lunchtime chat of 78 middle-school students. When a teen

offered up a bit of gossip, others responded encouragingly about 80 percent of the time,

confirming and even elaborating on the information.

Once that happened, other kids rarely disagreed. However, if someone countered the gossip

right away, the others were more likely to dissent. Refuting rumor or gossip right away may

well clear the social air.



We provide three strategies to help students put a damper on those gossip conversations:

1. Don't participate.

(Don't add anything. A lack of enthusiasm ends the conversation sooner.)

2. Change the subject.

(For example, ask: What's for lunch today?)

3. Walk away.

(Find a neutral reason to leave, like going to the drinking fountain or restroom.)

4. Say something nice.

Steering clear of gossip is a great way for students to contribute positively to their school community.

Danna Evans

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