Meet The Teacher

Prep S

Welcome back to Term 2!

My name is Casey Spencer also known to the children as Miss Spencer and I will be taking over from Bec in PBD while she is on Maternity Leave.

I am really excited to be working with your children and I am looking forward to the new and exciting things I will bring to the classroom.

My Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy on education is to provide all individuals with the same opportunity to achieve their potential and ensure students understand societal values and the impact they can individually have on society. I believe in students making their own meaning throughout their learning.

By incorporating a large variety of pedagogy and catering teaching strategy, I feel that I can help students reflect on their experiences in a positive manner to create more motivation and enthusiasm.

As a teacher I also believe it is important to provide reflective practice to the learners as it is a crucial aspect of learning about teaching. I will always make sure students feel comfortable and safe in my education environment and ensure students feel welcome in my classroom.

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