By Adina and Tracy


The three main ingredients used to make Frito-lays Ruffles chips are potatoes, corn and corn starch. Potatoes are raised in well drained, loose soil. Potatoes will not grow if there is no consistent moisture, so water can continuously when are forming. Hilling has to be done before the potatoes start to bloom. When the plant has grown 6 inches, make sure

to hoe the dirt up at the base to cover up the roots so it could support the plant. Hill the potatoes every week to save your crop.


After the potatoes have fully grown they are taken in the company Frito-lays so they can

be processed. The workers in the company, using the machines they have are processing the potatoes. They are examined and tasted for quality. They are peeled and washed with cold water. They are passed through machines that slice the potatoes into very thin slices. After this process, they are put in cold water to wash of the the removes of the starch when they were cut. Some potatoes are treated with chemicals to enhance the color. They are passed through air jets to suck the water and flow into troughs filled with oil. They are passed through drum filled with with powder seasonings. The chips oil is drained and they began to cool.

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They are sometimes transported by trucks into different places. The food ends up at a grocery store. They are also transported by ships to different places, that end up at grocery stores too.


They are eaten out of the bag. People go to stores to buy the ruffles. You can eat it at home, in your car, and at stores. They are eaten as a small snack. People seem to enjoy them as snacks and too much of it isn't good for you


Mostly they can't be recycled because they mostly have aluminum laminated with polypropylene. That can't be recycled. What there trying to do is use the material to make clipboards, tote bags or trash cans.
Making the chip bags out of aluminum laminated with polypropylene isn't the best idea because they can't be recycled and there trying their best to make tools using the material, but there also send to landfills which is the worst because there dumped and it has effects on the environment like pollution. If the wasted somehow ends up in the water its going to pollute the water and that will have a huge impact on the environment. The fish will start to die and the world would run out of fish in no time and for some animals it would be impossible to find food. They will die because of starvation.It's better to try to use the material to make tools then dumping it on landfills.