The Basics of Fitness!!!

Fitness at its finest!

Set goals that are achievable!

Don't plan to start off with vigorous exercising and lifting. Just start easy with some stretching, manageable exercises, and small weights!

Make sure to buy shoes that you are comfortable working out in!

Wearing the wrong shoes can potentially cause more harm than good to your body. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable, have a lot of support, and fit with the arch of your foot. A good workout starts with the correct attire!

Make sure not to work out alone!

Always have a partner when you plan on working out. This not only helps make sure that someone is present in the event of an injury, but also for some encouragement to keep you going!

Start Slowly!

When most people start to workout, they start off with too much weights and tend to injure themselves and not see any progress. The key to working out is starting slowly and building up to more weights!

Use whatever accessories help to get you going!

Most people like to listen to music while they workout. If you don't have an iPod, most gyms have music and televisions playing to help you keep working out!

Make changes slowly!

Here are some ways to make small appropriate changes while working out
  • When you feel like you want to add more weights, don't add excessive weights.
  • Add only 5 pounds of weight when you want to increase weights. Allow your body ample time to build up tolerance to the new weight.
  • Adding to much weight can cause strain in your muscle, which causes more pressure in your joints, which can cause bodily injuries.

Good Luck!