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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying can be hurtful.43% of students are bullyed onlineMost people are sad after bullying someone normally.But cyber bullying is on the internet and can be a lot think they can get away with this awful crime but normally are caught.This awful crime is all over the world and we will stop it.

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cyber bullying

If you or anyone you know are being bullied you can contact the kids helpline or eheadspace


  • netiquette is when you are honest and polite online
  • be polite always whilst online and

never be rude or bully.

  • if you do any thing rude or mean it will come back at you
  • do not swear

online safety

  • never put your full name up
  • don't tell anyone online were you live or where your going
  • pictures of you
  • and don't bully
  • cybersmart