Stuffie Sleepover

@ St. Thomas Public Library

What Happens When the Library Closes?

Kids bring their stuffed animal to this special Garden Storytime and find out! Their stuffie will spend the night in the library and when you pick up their plush friend the next afternoon, they will discover what happens when the lights go out!

We've rigged the library with motion activated cameras and the latest spy technology to follow the stuffed animals through all parts of the library. Even the parts we keep locked up! You never know where those rascally creatures will play their shenanigans!

Stuffie Sleepover

Wednesday, Aug 1st 2012 at 7pm

153 Curtis Street

St. Thomas, ON

Children's and Teens' Department,
Lower level

For children of all ages (3 and up.) Please be advised that very young children may not want to leave their stuffie behind. Older children tend to have more fun with this event.

Library staff will create a video for everyone to enjoy shortly after the event. See below for the July's Stuffie Sleepover video. You can view the photos from July's Stuffie Sleepover on the library's Flickr page.
July 2012 Stuffie Sleepover

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