Dark Hours

Gudrun Pausewang

Dark hours

Gudrun Pausewang


Gisel's quiet manner, charisma, and intuitive inner thoughts drew my attention from the start. Despite the tragic events that occur she keeps both a level head and a grasp of their situation, but is strong enough for herself and the kids that have fallen into her responsibility to keep it to herself. From the dramatic moments of a train station's worst day set the story in motion and lock the reader into a state of wonder as the blows begin challenging the mental fortitude of everyone in the story seen mostly through the eyes of "Gisel", a girl far from motherhood that is jolted into the role as caretaker of her and her younger brothers. The story takes you on a ride through a terrible situation inspiring readers with a level of willpower that is portrayed in the main character. A wonderful book that will keep readers flying from one page to the next from the earliest hours of the day into the darkest hours of the night.
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"Harald gropes for my free, and i can feel Lotte holding onto my coat."

-Gisel thinks this as she first starts to obtain the bearings of the dark room around her.

"I shovel all the broken glass and debris into the left hand cubicle so anyone going in knows where they are."

-Gisel thinks this as she is trying to keep her little brothers out of the cubicle fearing they'd waste the groups limited water supply.

"Time to make more racket"

-Gisel says this every fifteen minutes per the schedule she was advised to follow in an attempt to get someone outside the bathroom trap to hear them calling for help.

World War II: How Did It Start?

Nickleback's "Savin' me"

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These iron bars can't hold my soul in

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